Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Notes on Jeff: 2


Jeff Kjos.....1961 - 2021

May your paddle find sweet calm waters

to guide your eternal canoe

With enough stretches of fast water and rapids

along the flow to keep the journey interesting

May the steep hills you pass by be covered in powdery white snow

with dogleg bends to test your ski’s and mettle

your joyous shouts of delight echoing through the slumbering trees

May the lakes and rivers be clear and teeming with hungry fish

and the trusty Mepp’s spinner find home with each cast

May the memories of your smile comfort and bring peace

to all the loved ones whom adored you

and when we walk in the woods may we feel your presence

May your campfire be bright and warm each night

The coffee strong and the beer cold

A welcome place for us beside it

Your spirit a beacon that awaits...

I love you my brother!

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